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  1. Tiling
    I hate how discolored the caulk around the edge of the tub is—I used acrylic caulk along the tile that is against the baseboard and the tub and it’s prone to discoloration and trapping grime. Not moldy. Does anyone ever paint this and then use a sealer on top? I’m aiming for a v clean bright...
  2. Painting & Finish Work
    Good Afternoon, I am looking for ways to reduce my overhead on this huge 75 unit mid rise building. There is ALOT of molding in these units; crown, neck, base, and chair. Because these units are not sold yet, I have to maintain these units, and at least twice a year recaulk them. I am looking...
  3. Painting & Finish Work
    We currently are renovating a 75 year old house. Some trim is new and the rest of the trim (crown, baseboards, doors, etc) are all being stripped and re-painted. We've run into the issue of ALL the joints cracking already. Even along the top of the baseboards against the wall are cracking...
1-3 of 3 Results