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  1. Landscaping
    Hey everyone. I landscape in the suburbs, so the lawns are not huge, but not small. I started out using a John Deere L110 Ride on but I need another mower. I can either buy a 48 inch walk-behind Exmark (used) for about $700 in decent condition. Or, I can buy a brand-new 21 inch top of the line...
  2. Tools & Equipment
    I usually find that I buy new tools out of sheer necessity. As in - "OH @#$% my finish nailer just seized and blew a seal, and I need to finish this job before the painters come in 2 hours". Then I google where the closest shop is to my site, go down to said shop, and subsequently get bent...
  3. Vehicles
    The particulars I have been in the industry for a while, and after a short stint working in the corporate world, I have decided to start my own general contracting company doing renovations and remodeling. I need a truck. I have 8,000 in capital to invest either in a truck or I could set it...
1-3 of 3 Results