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  1. Finish Carpentry
    Hey so I'm pretty new to bidding. and i just don't know if im bidding jobs way to high or low. i have bid a couple of jobs high in the last couple of month and lost out on them. I live in western WA fyi. This is what I charge Interior Door Fully trimmed out: $120 Baseboard Trim: $1.25 per...
  2. Business
    Hi there. As a bussiness we have been subcontracting for most of our work but are looking to increase the number of direct contracts which we do. I am looking for a good example of a legal disclaimer for bids. Does anyone know where to find one? Thanks.
  3. Business
    I know that GC's are required to solicit bids to the public. What does it take for the prime contractors to take your estimate seriously. I have been involved in my trade since a very very very young age and have been inspired to quit my job and start a company. I am tired of doing residential...
1-3 of 3 Results