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  1. Finish Carpentry
    Hey so I'm pretty new to bidding. and i just don't know if im bidding jobs way to high or low. i have bid a couple of jobs high in the last couple of month and lost out on them. I live in western WA fyi. This is what I charge Interior Door Fully trimmed out: $120 Baseboard Trim: $1.25 per...
  2. General Discussion
    Hey all, I was looking at construction bidding sites to get more leads for a directional boring and excavation company. The two bidding sites I really liked were ConstructConnect and by Dodge Data. Do any of you have experience with either site in regards to...
  3. Kitchens & Baths
    New here and new to home improvement business and want to knowyou charge installation cost? Do you charge per sq ft? Customer already has all new fixtures. Small bathroom remodel Removing current combo shower, sink and replacing it with new fixtures.
  4. Business
    Hey all, new to posting, been reading the advice in here for a long time, it comes it useful quite often. The reason for my first post is simple, I'm in a unique position and am in need of someone's advice that has experience bidding on commercial jobs. I'm a small sized general contractor and...
  5. General Discussion
    Sample question from the California State Contractors Board test: What would you bid for a new project with direct costs of $22,500 and you need to include a 5% profit and 15% overhead? A. $28,125 B. $27,000 C. $25,500 D. None of the above Answer A Please provide what formula they used
  6. Marketing & Sales
    I just found your site and wow, what a great resource! I can't post the link yet so look for my introduction in another thread. We are at the point where I need help with sales to keep everyone busy. I'm spending at least 50% of my time doing sales and we are only doing about 70% of what I...
  7. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Has anyone used for construction leads and how did that work out for you?
  8. Electrical
    Has anyone out there purchased electrical estimating software? And does anyone have any thing good or bad to say about any of the following softwares? ConEst, Accubid, McCormick, EBM. Recommendations?
  9. General Discussion
    When bidding a standard remodeling job, for example a basement remodel, is there a basic formula to use as a guideline? Materials + Labor + Profit Margin? What is the average profit margin being used in todays market? I should have been more specific. How much on average have you adjusted...
  10. Business
    Something I've been told somewhere is that bid shopping is a faux pas. That is going to multiple vendors/suppliers/contractors. That is going to contractor B, saying A quoted this much, go back to A and say B quoted this and so forth. Do you find this unethical? Do you ask your customers...
  11. Painting & Finish Work
    Hello my name is Josh and I had recieved a phone call about painting a house. I have done several inside jobs but have never done a entire house outside. My question was about how much to bid on the job for labor only. House does need scraped and cleaned before paint. trim needs painted. House...
  12. General Discussion
    In this down economy, it has been very competitive to acquire jobs due to the prices some contractors are accepting. How do you overcome price hurdles? Here are some questions before that need to be answered before dealing with price comparison...
  13. Construction
    Anyone can help with how to subscribe or get the "Green Sheets" and/or the "Hot Sheets". I am located in California and looking to bidding on Public Works Projects; Grading & Demo. Any other papers or leads you may suggest are welcomed. Thank you for your help.
  14. Technology
    I'm a construction management student and I just got my first internship with a Concrete company as an estimator. The company does about 2 million dollars of work annually so they're not huge but they aren't tiny either. I'm familiar with excel and I know many people use it for estimation but...
  15. Business
    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask for some advise please. I am a flooring contractor, mostly residential. I just got listed with the Blue Book to start submitting bids on commercial work. My question is, what is the best way to submit a bid, in other words, is there any good "proposal forms" or...
  16. Windows, Siding and Doors
    Hi, I have been a sub-contractor for 10 years but recently have decided to look for my own renovation siding contracts. As a sub-contractor I have been earning $0.80-0.90 psq. in Western Canada. My question is how much I should charge for Renovations as a Contractor? I'm looking into this option...
1-16 of 17 Results