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  1. Business
    Im a licensed South Florida GC. I have done hundreds of proposals. At first, for a bigger concrete restoration firm. Doing proposals was cake. The engineers provided everything. The schedule of values, items, quantities, and usually the general conditions as well. Now that Ive been on my own...
  2. Tiling
    Hi everyone! My name is Yuriy, I am new here and also in tile business. I've learned how to do everything with tile working in one tile company, but now I started to work for myself and the most difficult part for me in tile setting business is estimating. PLEASE, CAN YOU HELP ME? All I need is...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Would anyone like to start a bid estimating co-op company with me? This could be a moonlighting type of operation where we wouldn’t have to quit our day jobs. I bid on jobs all day for my boss but I don’t make the money I think I deserve. If I knew a few other guys like me, we could get...
  4. Help Wanted or Looking For Work
    Has anyone used for construction leads and how did that work out for you?
  5. Electrical
    1480 Square feet 4 bedroom single story 100 Amp underground service 3 ton AC w/FAU Code Minimum, no dimmers or ceiling fans 5 smoke detectors 1 recessed can Normal, small kitchen w/ disposal & dishwasher 5 phone jacks 5 tv jacks door bell system Basically a tract style, bare bones home in a...
  6. Business
    Hi everyone, I wanted to ask for some advise please. I am a flooring contractor, mostly residential. I just got listed with the Blue Book to start submitting bids on commercial work. My question is, what is the best way to submit a bid, in other words, is there any good "proposal forms" or...
1-6 of 7 Results