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  1. Remodeling
    Hey folks. I am looking for opinions on a tiled tub surround rebuild in a 1930s bath. The homeowners want to preserve as much of the original plaster walls (3 layer on wood lath) as possible, so I need to decide on the best method for joining new cement board substrate to the old plaster. I...
  2. Marketing & Sales
    The Northern New York Builders Exchange in Watertown hosted their annual Home & Garden Show this weekend and we were pleased to participate. Our booth on the night before, nearly ready and definitely waiting; Good Luck Dave
  3. General Discussion
    has anyone heard of these guys. they can do a kitchen or bathroom in three days. I'm trying to figure out how they can make this claim, how do they demo, replace tiles, install cabinets, plumbing ect,ect. in three days without having people laying on top of each other.
1-3 of 4 Results