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aura paint
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  1. Painting & Finish Work
    I've been reading the forums and would prefer not to get into a discussion about the viability of Aura. With that said... I had a helper paint the inside of a door the other day with Aura, eggshell finish, and when I went to look at it he'd really botched it up. In too many places you could see...
  2. Painting & Finish Work
    Tell me what if anyone has had any experience with Aura Paint .
  3. Painting & Finish Work
    Used the product on several jobs, learned: one coat coverage, unless painting over same colors, is marketing hype, not reality. tried to get one coat coverage from five different colors, couldnt. came close. but two coats are still needed. youre supposed to use 3/8" nap rollers to apply the...
1-3 of 3 Results