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  1. Carpentry
    I just started a small front porch here in town. The old one was a small brick one, that was crumbling. The HO's just had their basement waterproofed and the old porch was in the way. The HO had the foresight to leave the old concrete steps in place though. I had my first meeting with them...
  2. Finish Carpentry
    Ok, soft maple that is being painted. I started all of this on Monday. Did a bunch of planing and dimensioning on Monday, cut rough sizes, ripped, joined and shaped on Tuesday. Cut the rest of the parts, sized trim to final dimensions, assembled and sanded on Wednesday. Today I planed and...
  3. Tools & Equipment
    I got a chance to go check out a really rare, really old, really massive machine last night. I am trying to get a hard date on when it was made, I am thinking right around 1900. It is an American Wood Working Machinery Universal Saw bench. Originally a line shaft driven machine, this saw can...
1-3 of 3 Results