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  1. Remodeling
    I have a young couple that just bought their first house that's requested that I help them with a couple of projects around the house. I have a small man crew and am trying to slowly start a small business. Most of my clients go to my church. Well this couple has asked me to help them with...
  2. Architecture & Design
    I have some pictures I thought you may enjoy of what it was like back in 1930 and having the privilege of working on one of the greatest earmarks of NY. The comments with the pictures... is the way I got them... idiots..:rolleyes: Enjoy,,, B,
  3. Landscaping
    How important is interior landscaping when considering a new build or renovation? As part of the architecture or the finishing interior design, how much emphasis do you place on interior landscaping in your projects?
1-3 of 3 Results