Stiletto TiBone TB15MC

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Stiletto TiBone TB15MC

  • 15oz Titanium head/Steel face combination drives like a 28 oz Steel hammer
  • Durable Steel Replaceable MILLED Face
  • 17 1/2" Super-Strong Titanium handle with an ergonomically contoured, hardwearing CURVED black rubber grip
  • Patented Side Nail Puller eases 16p nails out with one 180 degree motion with less effort!
  • Stiletto's signature Magnetic Nail Starter

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Reviews (3)

Stiletto TiBone TB15MC Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_brutus
    BrutusNovember 22, 20115

    Great Hammer

    Some hum and harr about spending this much on a hammer. But, for me, I do a lot of hand nailing, so it is totally worth it. If we spend a week of mainly hand nailing, I don't feel it in my arm, as I did with an Estwing.

    • Pros:
    • Light
    • large face
    • replaceable face
    • Cons:
    • expensive
    • not meant to drive concrete nails
    • YES
    • I would recommend this to a friend
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    • Thumb_34208f01
      DirtywhiteboyNovember 22, 20115

      Elbow Hurt, Hands Go Numb?

      Well if you've been swinging a club for too many years and your arm and hands are wasted come on over to the Ti side! When I look at how many ways I've wasted money in the years this is nothing and well worth it! Oh I like em so much I have the mini14 and the Framer15

      • Pros:
      • head has a side nail puller
      • Cons:
      • Need to keep a demo hammer near by
      • YES
      • I would recommend this to a friend
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      • Thumb_small_brutus
        Brutusabout 7 years ago

        I own both the 14 (straight handle) and the 15 (curved). Was going to sell the 14... but I like it still...

      • Thumb_small_34208f01
        Dirtywhiteboyabout 7 years ago


      • Thumb_small_photo_(9)
        PaulPricealmost 7 years ago

        best hammer i've used.... i'm just terrified of breaking it

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    • Thumb_bd90bdb3
      shanewreckdNovember 03, 20145

      Symbol of Status

      I alway doubted the Ti-Bone, I thought it was just something guys bought as a status symbol. That was until I tried it for the first time.

      This hammer is fantastic, and I use it for absolutely everything. Driving 3 1/4" duplex nails, building with Symons panels and Peri form, framing, demo, even digging out dirt from under a footing board; you name it, the hammer will do it. The long handle gives plenty of swing momentum, driving nails easily. I have had absolutely zero issues with durability. The side puller is a brilliant addition, makes pulling any nail, including the ones driven into concrete, much easier. The leverage advantage is superb. My face has spun several times, but reapplying the Loctite and re-cranking the bolt isn't much of a process. It's all included with the hammer, as it should be.

      Can you get by with a much cheaper hammer? Sure, of course you can. But the vibration reduction from Stiletto is second to none. I have a bunk wrist, and pounding with a 22oz Estwing all day definitely added to the wear and tear of it. Now, it is a rare day that I have wrist pain. Maybe it's too expensive for some, maybe it is just a symbol of status to others. But to me, it is easily worth every cent.

      • Pros:
      • Vibration Reduction
      • Side Puller
      • Large Face
      • Lightweight
      • Cons:
      • None
      • YES
      • I would recommend this to a friend
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