American-Vermont The Dimpler Dimpler

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American-Vermont The Dimpler Dimpler

The Dimpler® is perfect for small to medium size home remodel projects such as drywall installation and wood decks.

The patented clutch drill attachment insures you countersink screws perfectly every time!


Uses of The Dimpler® :
  • Drywall Installation
  • Patio Decks
  • Exterior Wall Sheathing
  • Plywood & Chipboard Subflooring
  • General Woodworking

Ask for Vermont American Drywall Dimpler® by name as it is the only screw setting attachment with the features to insure you are using The Right Tool For The Job!

Specifications for American-Vermont The Dimpler Dimpler

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  • Thumb_avatar52507_1
    rselectric1January 06, 20112

    Somewhat unreliable

    I have found that it is necessary to go back and hand tighten the screws in many cases. The screws do not always sink deep enough.

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