Malco Sider SD40

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Malco Sider SD40

Save up to 3 profitable hours on each job with the innovative Sider. It works quickly and accurately, replacing chalk lines, squares and straight edges. Use it as a scribe or square to mark or score precise lines. Or go straight to cutting with your utility knife in the precisely marked 1/8” (3.2 mm) holes. The Sider comes in 3 sizes to match popular siding profiles and features durable 18-gauge (1.22 mm) stainless steel construction. It’s one smart little tool for even the biggest siding jobs.

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    Big JohnsonJune 03, 20174

    I like it

    When I first received this in the mail I asked myself what was I thinking and why did I waste my money. I played with it on my next siding job for a little bit but couldn't get the hang of it. However, on my next siding job I decided to give it a chance and immediately realized this tool is the [email protected]*%.

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    • Thumb_d7df17a3
      IrishslaveJune 09, 20174

      I have all 4 of them

      2 for different size dutch lap and 2 for different size regular lap they reside in a tool box with shears snips J channel cutters, punches, hand seamers and all my other siding hand tools. I rarely use them but when I do they are handy

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