Raimondi Razor Diamond Blade T3

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Raimondi Razor Diamond Blade T3

The Raimondi T3 Razor Diamond Blade features a special, laser-cut, relief that relieves stress and helps keep the blade cooler during operation just like the Razor. The improvement is with the Super Core Technology. This sandwiched-core is even thicker than the Razor's relatively thick core! The result is less deflection, less noise during operation, and extremely precise cuts. Another improvement is the kerf that's only .05" thick. With the T3 Razor you'll cut tile faster than ever!

Available only in the 10" size, this high-end performer is a must have for your tile saw! Once you try this blade for yourself, you'll instantly know why our top-selling blade has such a loyal fanbase.

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Raimondi Razor Diamond Blade T3 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_d74e41cd
    angus242April 29, 20115

    T3 Razor

    Excellent porcelain blade. Cuts threw very thick, hard tile very easily. The thick core keeps the blade from deflecting but can also hinder lifting a tile to get a clean corner cut.

    • Pros:
    • no deflection
    • cut threw any porcelain
    • Cons:
    • thick core can hinder lifting cut
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    • Thumb_avatar69857_1
      Tech DawgDecember 14, 20115

      CAUTION: addictive

      Great blade! After going through a few different blades I found this one to be highly recomended on this site. Clean cuts, no wobbling and versatile to different types and thickness of tile and stone.
      The thick core on the blade has also helped reduce the noisiness of my saw.

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      • Thumb_avatar1
        gideondJuly 11, 20144

        Excellent blad

        Very nice cut. Super stable. A dressing stone bring it back to a good cutting condition easily. The thickened center does sometimes cause some issues depending on what you are cutting. Of course it's a little pricey, but the life of the blade is greater than most I've used.

        • Pros:
        • good cut
        • stable
        • long life
        • Cons:
        • pricey
        • YES
        • I would recommend this to a friend
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