Milwaukee radio 2790-20

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Milwaukee radio 2790-20


Technical Details


  • Weatherproof 4-inch Woofers and 1-inch Tweeters
  • Weather sealed iPod / MP3 compartment
  • AC/DC Versatility
  • Shock absorbing polymer and steel construction
  • Built-in bottle opener
From the Manufacturer


The Jobsite Radio utilizes an exclusive digital tuner that delivers the highest reception, accuracy and signal clarity for both AM and FM bands as well as being iPod and MP3 compatible. The radio will work with all current Milwaukee battery platforms from 12V – 28V.   Product Description


  • Exclusive AM/FM Tuner with Digital Processor - delivers highest reception accuracy and signal clarity
  • Premium Speakers and 40 Watt Amplifier - up to 6X more power than competitive radios
  • Weather Sealed Auxiliary Compartment - protects MP3 players and other audio devices
  • Customizable Equalizer and 10-Station Preset - personalized sound and enhanced musical and vocal quality
  • AC/DC Versatility - powered by Milwaukee M12™, M18™, V18™, V28® , NiCd 12V to 28V, and AC outlet

The Milwaukee Advantage -
Powered by all Milwaukee® 12V-28V batteries including M series, V series and NiCad; the Jobsite Radio delivers the highest reception accuracy and signal clarity in its class with an exclusive AM/FM tuner and digital processor. In addition, the Job Site Radio features premium speakers that produce a rich, full sound and a built in weather sealed MP3 compartment to protect MP3 players and other audio devices. Backed by legendary Milwaukee durability, a shock absorbing ABS polymer and steel construction protects internal components from weather and abusive job site conditions.

Specifications for Milwaukee radio 2790-20

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Reviews (4)

Milwaukee radio 2790-20 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_vaulted-ceiling-repair-wave_046
    Sir MixalotApril 26, 20115

    One of my best tools

    All I can say is. This thing Rocks.
    From the 4-inch Woofers and 1-inch Tweeters
    to it's Equalizer. The sound blows away all of the work radio's on the market today. The best part of all is you can connect your iPod to this radio and listen to all of your favorite music all day long. Commercial free.
    I give it 5 Stars!


    • Pros:
    • durable
    • great sound
    • ipod compatiable
    • weather proof
    • Cons:
    • the radio doesn t charge the battery
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    • Thumb_small_brutus
      Brutusalmost 9 years ago

      Got this yesterday, and put it to work today at Habitat for Humanity. I was the man due to bringing it. Pretty user friendly with great, full sound. Now, I think it's time I buy an iPod so I can rock out to my favourite tunes all day.

    • Thumb_small_vaulted-ceiling-repair-wave_046
      Sir Mixalotalmost 9 years ago

      You definitely need to get an Ipod Brutus. I rarley even listen to the radio anymore.

    • Thumb_small_brutus
      Brutusalmost 9 years ago

      My boss checked it out, and bought one for himself. We both run various types of milwaukee cordless tools, so we always have extra batteries to pop in there and not take up outlet space.

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  • Thumb_44dab186
    chris kleeAugust 22, 20115

    Good radio

    I bought the Milwaukee cordless kit last spring, so i got this radio for my birthday last summer.
    Its been great. sounds good, had an aux input to play ipod, XM, or what ever. Runs off drill batteries. it has a 12v power plug, and even a bottle opener on it (i have yet to use either).
    the battery/ ipod compartment had a gasket and it weather proof. it has been rained on before, doesnt affect it.
    I really with it had a battery charger.

    • Pros:
    • Good sound
    • strong
    • good size
    • waether proof
    • Cons:
    • doesnt charge batteries
    • YES
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    • No-avatar-62
      EcostructionSeptember 30, 20115

      Great Radio

      got this for Christmas it and use it every day. Best radio for the money.

      • YES
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      • Thumb_p1030054
        silvertipOctober 02, 20115

        milwaukee radio

        -So far so good. It hasn't been through hell yet, but for $100 it sounds good, gets excellent radio reception and plays the ipod/ mp3

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