Makita Radio bmr100

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Makita Radio bmr100

Weighing in at 9.2 pounds this thing kicks - not battery charger however, but it's not a deal breaker.

I like nice things in small packages and this radio fits the bill.

AM/FM/MP3/Ipod/cd aux. inputs is more than enough for me.

Reasonably priced, rugged, and sounds great but i'm not convinced with the independent AC adapter.

We'll see how it holds up over time as i'm pretty hard on radios, but overall I like it so far.

Specifications for Makita Radio bmr100

AM/FM Stereo PLL synthesized
LCD Display
Manual /preset/scan tuning

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Makita Radio bmr100 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_0b29a75a
    RCCIdahoMarch 03, 20131

    Try again Makita...


    -Sounds alright, pretty bass heavy.

    -Sturdy, has taken a couple of back flips off some 1 story roofs and come out unscathed.


    -Power adapter connection is bound to break. I have to tie mine around the metal bar in the front of it so the plug doesn't get pulled out.

    -Doesn't last as long as they claim on battery power. Doesn't make it through the day on 2 fully charged 1.5mah batteries.

    -Does not charge batteries

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    • No-avatar-62
      Gary Hover 7 years ago

      The dewalt grade power cord is junk. I rewired mine this winter. I put a 4 way box on the back, ran the PA though the body into the 4 way box. On the 4 way, I out a GFI and a 8' cord on it. This way I have a power box, with juice to the radio. The battery still runs the radio if I want.

      Had a idea of somehow having the radio also charge the batteries, but this work fine for me.

  • Thumb_5a84c993
    basswoodMarch 07, 20134

    The most portable of the Jobsite radios

    Good sound
    Small footprint
    Great handle
    Ipod inputs on front and in sealed battery compartment so you can put your iPod inside the radio safely away from weather, dust and abuse.
    Long run time on a battery, plays all day on a 3.0 ah battery.

    The stock power cord is lame. I picked up an improved and compatible version at Radio Shack.

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    • No-avatar-62
      dale rexFebruary 16, 20144

      good radio

      got it as a gift from a very satisfied customer. Sounds great, I use a cord to hook up with my smartphone and run Pandora and TuneIn radio. Power cord sucks as others have stated. Mine is 1 year old and is already breaking at the connection to the transformer.

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      • No-avatar-62
        Big JohnsonJune 03, 20174

        I have 2.

        The first one was free But it only worked with power cord so I had to buy another.

        I have 3 and 4 ah batteries and it runs for 2 days on a 3 AH

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        • Thumb_d7df17a3
          IrishslaveJune 17, 20174

          Not bad for just a radio

          good sound except for auxiliary. Can't get a lot of volume out of my Mp3

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