QEP QEP 830Z 30" Bridge Tile Saw 830Z

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QEP QEP 830Z 30" Bridge Tile Saw 830Z

QEP 830Z 30" Professional Bridge Saw is a full-featured saw that allows the user to cut large format tiles with minimal effort, less mess and more versatility. The tough 2 HP motor is mounted on 6 ball bearing slides for smooth and accurate cutting.

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QEP QEP 830Z 30" Bridge Tile Saw 830Z Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_thumb_large_229522_201934506516926_100001011334565_542356_3141960_n
    RemodelorJune 01, 20114

    Great Saw for the Money

    I'm a bathroom installer and for years I used table saws and overhead sliding tray saws to cut tile. Reading on the forums, I saw that a lot of tile setters use the bridge style saw where the tile remains stationary and the motor slides on an overhead rail. Most bridge tile saws are very expensive, running well over $1000, however this model here had decent reviews and was only $400 shipped to my door from Northern Tool.

    When I received it, the box looked like it had been shipped via a network of catapults. The box was in tatters, however the saw inside was completely intact. The first thing I noticed was that it was bigger than I expected. With everything on it, this saw weighs in at about 110 lbs, but then how lite can you make a saw that can cut a 30" x 1/2" wide strip of Soterra granite perfectly straight without cracking?

    I use this saw for all my installations now. It has several great features like a motor lock in the middle of the rail so that you can raise the blade to make notch cuts or to clean out an interior cut.

    You can also plunge cut with this saw. I find the plunge feature most useful for when cutting a line that isn't square. I can raise the blade and track it along my line before turning the saw on to make sure I'll complete my line accurately.

    The saw also has a bevel feature so you can make long mitered rips, albeit a bit cumbersome, it does the job well.

    The saw comes with a laser, but mine isn't aligned properly due to the botched shipping job. Basically the laser is crap anyways, and I don't use it.

    The motor is outstanding, and the blade they send out with it is pretty nice as well. I've cut big slabs of 3cm granite with no problems. The spray is well contained as well compared to other saws.

    Overall, the build quality is what you'd expect. It's a bit clunky and unsophisticated, but then it does do a lot for very little money. If all I did were lay tile, I'd spring for the more expensive models, but tile is a tenth of what I do. For me, a professional bathroom remodeler, this saw works well enough for me to recommend it.

    • Pros:
    • price
    • great motor
    • spray control
    • bevel / plunge cutting
    • Cons:
    • build quality
    • weighs roughly the same as a neutron star
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    • No-avatar-62
      Splinter handsNovember 02, 20113

      Not bad

      Cheapo stand but other than that it has held up well. Probably not the best saw if you are going to use it daily but it works for occasional tile work.

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