Festool Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Set T15+3

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Festool Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Set T15+3

Cordless Drills. Different by Design.

Our cordless drills look different, because they are different. Crafted to the highest level of German engineering, Festool cordless drills offer a level of quality not found in other cordless drills. From the EC-TEC brushless motors, to the interchangable Centrotec and FastFix chucks, these cordless drills were designed to work the way you work.

Five Drills in One.

Thanks to Festool's innovative FastFix chuck system, the T+3 cordless drill is incredibly versatile and does the work of five drills in one. (1) The eccentric chuck is perfect for corners and against adjoining edges. (2) The keyless drill chuck can be used with drill and driver bits up to 1/2" in diameter. (3) For lighter weight and a more compact footprint, use the smaller, lighter Centrotec chuck with its full array of interchangable drill and driver bits. (4) The most unique is the right-angle chuck which provides a 90° angle to the drive motor for tight spaces. The eccentric and right-angle chucks can both swivel a full 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. (5) The optional depth stop chuck provides consistent, precise depth settings regardless of workpiece material. If that's still too few options, you can also use standard hex driver bits in the drill with no chuck attached. The T+3 cordless drill set includes all chucks except the depth stop chuck.

Bringing The Power.

All the versatility of the T+3 cordless drill is combined with a robust design that features a long-lasting, energy efficient brushless motor, compact transmission, and electronic health monitoring. Brushless motors offer significant advantages over motors with brushes, including higher efficiency and reliability, reduced noise, and longer service life to name a few. This helps the T+3 cordless drill outperform other drills that would otherwise be in the same class. Nearly all of Festool's power tools feature intelligent electronic monitoring and feedback which makes the tool smarter. In the case of the T+3, this technology protects the motor from overload, provides an electronic (rather than mechanical) clutch feature, and an intelligent drill mode with an electronic clutch override, as well as other innovative features.

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Festool Lithium Ion Cordless Drill Set T15+3 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_girls_and_craftsman_jay_180
    William JamesMay 27, 20114

    T15+3 Drill - Love it!

    This drill is by far my favorite. Very versatile, well-balanced, excellent battery life.

    • Pros:
    • multiple heads/chuck
    • light weight and well balanced
    • excellent battery life
    • Cons:
    • accessories for the centrotec chuck are really expensive
    • less power than the real
    • good 18 volt drill
    • YES
    • I would recommend this to a friend
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    • Thumb_19d16129
      J.C.June 18, 20114

      Top of the line

      The drill is awesome. The only couple things I don't like is the centrotec chuck and the keyless chuck version that came with my drill. I believe they have since changed to a different keyless chuck but the one on mine has a habit of losing bits. I think the new ones come with a ratcheting chuck which mine is not but I had to take of a star because of my chuck.

      The thing I don't like about the centrotec chuck, besides the price of the bits, is it takes two hands to use it. You have to pull the collar towards the drill and then pull the bit out. My favorite quick change chuck is the Insty-Lok chuck from Insty-bit. It's far better than the centrotec chuck.

      I know some like the higher voltage drills and Festool will be offering an 18v soon but this is my favorite size. It's light and does everything I ask it to do with no problems.

      • Pros:
      • awesome
      • light wieght
      • Cons:
      • centrotec chuck
      • YES
      • I would recommend this to a friend
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      • Thumb_7757a7af
        [email protected]December 10, 20145

        Excellent Drill

        They make the best everything, their tools are so well thought out!

        • YES
        • I would recommend this to a friend
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