Malco Gutter Outlet Punches GOT

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Malco Gutter Outlet Punches GOT

Gutter Outlet Punches

All Malco Gutter Outlet Punch and Dies make clean, accurate hole cuts in .032” (0.81 mm) aluminum gutter. Ample throat clearance allows these lightweight outlet punches to work over the front edge of gutter to quickly line up cuts. Fastener holes are provided in the tool frame base for optional bench mount application. An easy ratcheting mechanism and angled punch-blade provide smooth cutting action. High carbon steel blades on punches assure long service life and are also easily replaceable. Heat treated components and weather resistant finishes provide added tool strength and durability.

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  • Thumb_avatar25_1
    GrumpyApril 30, 20115

    A must if you install gutters.

    This saves a ton of time. Originally I bought to easily make cuts when adding downspouts to existing gutters. This just speeds up the whole process of cutting the opening for the downspout drop tube.


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    • Thumb_rr_logo
      Red BullDecember 06, 20112

      gutter outlet punch

      Prefer to hand X cut them especially on 6" gutters & commercial down spouts . To allow more water flow . Takes longer but nice finish product

      • Pros:
      • fast
      • Cons:
      • Smaller outlet than Hand X cuts
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