Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw 1640VSHero.eps

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Bosch Finecut Power Handsaw 1640VSHero.eps

Versatile flush-cutting ability — Ideal tool for flush cutting doorjambs, window jams, shims, PVC drainpipe, flooring and more. 3.5 Amps, 2,000-2,800 RPM Cutting Capacity-Non-Ferrous Metals: 1/8" Fast and Accurate Flush and Trim Cuts - Ideal for trimming and flush cutting applications Light and Compact Design - Allows better maneuverability in different applications, and access to tight spaces Blades can be attached facing left or right — For excellent visibility and total versatility Ergonomic Design with Soft-grip Surfaces - For added comfort and control Dual LED Lights - For better visibility of the cutting area Precision sawing, including flush cutting in wood, wood composites and plastics Variable speed — Allows user to match speed to workpiece and task Tool-free blade change system — For quick, easy blade changes Counter-balanced — For reduced vibration Large on/off switch is integrated with gripping surface — For easy access Double insulated, UL listed, complies to OSHA

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  • Thumb_tiger_eyes
    martymcSeptember 06, 20124

    Works great for a jamb saw!!

    I don't use this saw often but it's by far the quickest way to cut a door jam when installing tile or hard wood. It's always a clean cut too!

    • Pros:
    • its fast
    • Cons:
    • expensive blades
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    • Thumb_website_posting_10
      Doctor HandymanSeptember 26, 20123

      Does a decent job

      Fast, clean cut. Great for under cutting jambs. Useful enough that it pays to keep it in the tool box. Blades dull very quickly and are too expensive. I would not buy it again if their was a better alternative, like a circular under cutter.

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