Bahco Chisel Wrecking Knife 25mm SB-2448

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Bahco Chisel Wrecking Knife 25mm SB-2448

Bahco Chisel Wrecking knife.

  • The new Bahco wrecking knife is a heavy duty product made from impact resistant PPE with a blade hardened to 58-61Hrc for a long sharp life.
  • It features a curved knuckle protector so this can be used as a lever for hard work.
  • The back edge of the tools can be struck with a hammer to make working faster.
  • Uses are for making mortise joints in doors, splitting wood, amongst other uses.
  • 4mm Thick Blade
  • 100mm long blade
  • Curved knuckle guard
  • Holster with button clip

Specifications for Bahco Chisel Wrecking Knife 25mm SB-2448

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Bahco Chisel Wrecking Knife 25mm SB-2448 Product Reviews
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    chewyOctober 29, 20115

    Great tool!

    This is a great tool and I use it as my beater chisel for over a year now. The spine can be hit with a hammer so I often use it as a froe to split wood when I need stakes for figure eighting cable during big external pulls. Comes razor sharp out of the box.

    • Pros:
    • Great all purpose tool
    • razor sharp straight out of the box and holds a keen edge.
    • Has a spur in the handle to stop your hand sliding onto the blade
    • Cons:
    • None
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      jr1990May 30, 20145

      mega handy wee tool

      This is my second wrecking knife now, the first one eventually broke after someone used a mash hammer on the spine for a week when i was on holiday. Perfect for a beater chisel, comes razor sharp out the box and the sheath is super handy for keeping it sharp and protecting your fingers/nailbags.

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