AJC Tools AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper 070-RMS

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AJC Tools AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper 070-RMS

Powerful magnets, quality workmanship, and a quick release design have made the AJC Rolling Magnetic Sweeper a favorite of roofers.  Now with a heavier stainless steel box, stronger wheel brackets, and improved, tool free adjustable wheel height. Comes with big 7” diameter wheels and stainless steel magnetic box for easy clean-up.  Handle folds over for easy storage.  Length: 30”.  

AJC Roofing Tools - Made in the USA

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  • Thumb_avatar25_1
    GrumpyApril 30, 20115

    A must have for any shingle roofer

    We specialize in roof tear offs. We pride ourselves on being clean. We tarp every job we tear off, but the tarps won't get the thousands of nails we pull off the old roof.

    On every job we use this magnetic sweeper. It's wheels are adjustable height and it's 36" wide so we can quickly grab any lef over nails before the customers feet or tires find them.

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