Werner 4' Fiberglass Step Ladder 6204

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Werner 4' Fiberglass Step Ladder 6204

  • Holster Top® is now ToolLasso® ready
  • Back-up plates reinforce all top connectors
  • Shoulder bolt and nut on top hinge
  • 4 rivets attach top to each front rail
  • All steps and two rear horizontals are knee-braced
  • Double riveted, slip-resistant Traction-Tred® steps
  • Heavy duty internal spreaders
  • Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot
  • Shoe pads riveted to the EDGE® - molded brace and foot pad combination provides enhanced bracing strength and increased protection against damage
  • Every rivet backed up by metal plate or washer to protect rails
  • Optional yellow molded pail shelf kit, model no. 76-2

Specifications for Werner 4' Fiberglass Step Ladder 6204

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Werner 4' Fiberglass Step Ladder 6204 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_avatar52507_1
    rselectric1January 06, 20115

    Perfect size for residential

    This goes in on almost all service calls that involve lighting. The 4' is easy to maneuver and the perfect size for residential service call work as well as just high enough to drill top plates with steady footing. The problem with this ladder is everyone wants to borrow it.

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    • Thumb_thumb_large_229522_201934506516926_100001011334565_542356_3141960_n
      RemodelorMay 08, 20115

      Werner = Top Quality Ladder

      Beware, there are different grades of ladder. I recommend no less than the 3-5 star versions of any Werner ladder, as anything below that is too lightweight to be sturdy enough for a contractor and his tools day in and day out.

      Best of all, Werner stays competitive as far as price with their 3 star range, and unless you use them to set ladder planks with multiple guys on them, you should be fine with the 3 star grade.

      I install bathrooms, and I keep a 4' ladder and a 6' on my trailer at all times, because there are so many times when a 6' just keeps getting in the way.

      • Pros:
      • durable
      • variety of grade
      • Cons:
      • price of 4 5 star range is high
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