Bosch 2 HP Fixed-Base Router 1617

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Bosch 2 HP Fixed-Base Router 1617

2 HP / 11 Amp Motor 25,000 RPM Precision Centering Design — Makes it easy to keep bit on intended cutline when using jigs, templets, dovetail fixtures and similar guidance devices Macro and microfine bit depth adjustment system with resettable depth indicator — Fo fast, precise depth adjustment Large 3-3/4" base opening plus 2" subbase opening — Accepts large bits Right or left switch location — For user preference and consistency (motor does not rotate during depth adjustment) One-piece armature shaft — For accurance and long bit shank capacity 10 ft. flexible rubber cord Classic hardwood handles — For comfort and beauty Now includes RA1161 Fixed-Base with system for adjusting bit height from above a router table! Optional RA1126 Quick-Change Templet Guide Adapter (sold separately) — For fast and easy change of Bosch RA-Series templet guide (or threaded templet guides, if optional RA1100 adapter is also used.) T-Handle Adjustment Wrench sold separately Fixed base has threaded holes for mounting to router table positioned in common 3-hole pattern. Power Switch - Now includes dust-sealed power switch

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