Stanley 16' x 1" Powerlock Tape Measure 33-516

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Stanley 16' x 1" Powerlock Tape Measure 33-516

  • 8' tape standout
  • Easy readability with 1" wide blade
  • BladeArmor™ coating on the first 6" maximizes durability of hook end
  • Entire blade coated with Mylar® polyester film for added durability
  • 16" and 19.2" stud center markings simplify framing jobs
  • 10% smaller than PowerLock® Classic Tapes, making it perfect for smaller settings
  • Three-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook moves for accurate inside/outside measurements
  • Forward blade lock design simplifies locking and unlocking the blade
  • Wear plate protects case from cuts and nicks

Specifications for Stanley 16' x 1" Powerlock Tape Measure 33-516

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Stanley 16' x 1" Powerlock Tape Measure 33-516 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_19d16129
    J.C.June 18, 20114

    Best I've Found

    Tape measures have really gone down hill the last couple years. Craftsman was my "go to" supplier for tape measures but, they switched suppliers and now I'm lucky to get a month out of one before it's broke. I spend a couple hundred $ on different brands trying to find one that wasn't complete junk and this is the best I've found.

    The one I'm currently using is about a year old and still works great even though the case no longer looks quite so shiny. I've started to build a stock pile of them before Stanley decides to junk them down and starts making them in China. They're still currently Made in the USA. If your looking for a good, no frills tape measure, you might want to give one a try.

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