stiletto tools 14 Oz Titanium Milled face/ Curved 16" Framer TI14MC-16

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stiletto tools 14 Oz Titanium Milled face/ Curved 16" Framer TI14MC-16

I like this hammer, when i first got it i had some doubts but as soon as i picked it up and used it they were gone.  at only 14 ounces this thing is light, and it really does drive nails like a heavy one.  the milled face does not wear down, in fact my steel face wore quicker then this.  The magnetic nail starter too is very good, it is indespensible in a tight spot, or when trying to tack sheathing.

One thing that it lacks is the power to pound 2 pieces together, but if you were good you would not have to pound stuff into place :p


good hammer, buy it

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Reviews (2)

stiletto tools 14 Oz Titanium Milled face/ Curved 16" Framer TI14MC-16 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_amir_shed_build_day_3_(18)
    FramingProJune 25, 20115


    when i first got this i had doubts, they all were gone when i got to use it, it drove nails just like it said like a 24?oz
    the nail starter is good for tight spots and the milled face does not wear down, my steel wore faster.

    it is not good to pound pieces together, something to do with energy transfer but still its good,
    go buy one if you don't have it

    • Pros:
    • light
    • sharp face
    • low vibration
    • cool looking
    • nail starter
    • Cons:
    • not a good sledge
    • YES
    • I would recommend this to a friend
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    • Thumb_small_img_1935
      WildWillabout 9 years ago

      Great hammer, even better with the Airgrip rubber piece over the handle.

    • Thumb_small_img_3828-1
      Premier_929about 9 years ago

      Ya I have the 14oz mini now for few years and i LOVE IT. I used to but a hammer every year like my boots, but this one has held up to every job without giving me pains in my arm from using it all day. And the grip is like no other.


    • No-avatar-62
      jtyjdfwegwalmost 9 years ago


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  • No-avatar-62
    nail401August 30, 20111


    the hammer was a waste of money way over priced.i have been doing this for thirty years you could never use this hammer in the hand nailing days

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    • I would not recommend this to a friend
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    • No-avatar-62
      lsheardalmost 9 years ago

      I have used the hammer for about a year now. Was initially apprehesive about the price but bought it anyway asnd glad I did! Its light weight allows you to swing all day without fatigue. But, it is a hammer; not a sledge to be used for heavy demolition work.

    • No-avatar-62
      Reasononlyalmost 9 years ago

      Worth it's weight in gold, I haven't framed in years but still use it quite a bit.

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