Bosch 12v Max Multi-X™ Carpenter Kit PS50

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Bosch 12v Max Multi-X™ Carpenter Kit PS50

Versatile, Flexible in Applications and Materials - Corded performance for cutting, sanding and other applications No-Mar Plastic Nose - Protects work piece Broad Range of Bosch Accessories Screw to Tighten Accessories - For a strong connection Tool Holder with Variable Angle Adjustment within 240° Ergonomic Design with Small Perimeter and Soft-Grip - For fatigue reduced working Litheon™ 12V Max Batteries - Advanced Lithium-ion technology for optimal battery life, runtime and power Fuel Gauge - For charge control Variable Speed Dial - For sanding speed adjustments

Specifications for Bosch 12v Max Multi-X™ Carpenter Kit PS50

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Bosch 12v Max Multi-X™ Carpenter Kit PS50 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_imag0861
    WarrenApril 27, 20114

    Underpowered but very handy

    So it doesn't have the guts that the others have. It does have portability, variable speed, and the batteries will also fit several other
    Bosch tools.

    • Pros:
    • portable
    • variable speed
    • Cons:
    • lacks power
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