Bosch 10: Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand 4100-09

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Bosch 10: Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand 4100-09

The Bosch Smart Guard System, is a ground-breaking new design for portable table saws that includes a blade guard, riving knife and anti-kickback pawls. All three elements are modular and tool free, so users can quickly and easily remove or add each component independently based on the task. The blade guard is particularly user-friendly with a new split-guarding innovation that offers optimal line of sight and maximum protection, no matter the intended amount of material removal.

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Bosch 10: Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand 4100-09 Product Reviews
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  • Thumb_f72c2528
    CookeCarpentryJune 03, 20111

    Piece of Junk, Worst Tool Purchase Ever

    I don't know where to begin with this - I purchased this as a replacement to my DeWalt 744 - after several recommendations and good reviews online.

    I highly regret ever purchasing this saw. The stand is enormous and bulky and doesn't easily fit in most areas for transport/storage. It takes up roughly three times the amount of space as my old DeWalt.

    The saw is okay, at best. The plastic base feels cheap, as does the power switch. The saw comes with a riving knife, which is the only redeeming quality about this product.

    The fence is a disgrace. The numbers are hard to read, especially for someone with glasses, and the built in magnification actually makes it blurry. Ripping over 13.5" involves locking the rip fence and then sliding the saw table to the right, referencing an entirely different set of numbers on a different measurement guage. Very difficult to get used to.

    Overall, I feel this is a poor design. I regret purchasing it, and will gladly sell it to the first "victim" I can find who is willing to pay for a saw used less than 1 week. I have several tools from Bosch and this is by far the worst tool I have purchased from them, and perhaps the worst professional grade power tool I have ever used/purchased.

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    • Thumb_small_aclogo
      ApgarNJabout 9 years ago

      Did you not see the stand/saw in person at a store before you bought it? I have the older red stand for my 4000, and yes the base is plastic and that is my only gripe about the saw, they could have made the base a little tougher but it already weighs 75 lbs or so.
      I don't see any other portable saws on the market today that are going to beat the bosch. I won't buy DW. I know the gravity stand is going to be bulkier than my current red stand but to have wheels to go in out out of the trailer will be really nice, not mention when we have to wheel it a few hundred feet from trailer to where we are working on long term jobs.
      If I didn't just buy a dump trailer for 7000. I think I would take you up on this offer to buy this saw.

    • Thumb_small_f72c2528
      CookeCarpentryabout 9 years ago

      No, I ordered online as it was significantly cheaper than any store around.

      Stand aside, I still do not like the rip fence, especially what you need to do to rip anything over 13.5".

    • Thumb_small_image4411
      TBFGhostabout 9 years ago

      ....its kinda funny that all the things most people love about the Bosch table saw, you hate. I love my fence, I don't use a tape, I find the scale easy to read. The base maybe plastic, but is sure is strong, I find the switch feels the most positive and high quality of all the jobsite table saws I have ever used.

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  • Thumb_avatar25_1
    GrumpyJune 03, 20115

    I love it.

    I couldn't disagree more with Cook. I have had this saw just about a year now and I am impressed. I don't use it every day but have never had a problem with it. My only complaint is why anyone would put air filled tires on a table saw. Solid plastic tires would have been better.

    Yes the base is plastic, but find a saw now adays that isn't. Yes the saw is big, but I knew the size before I bought it since it was on display at the store where I bought it. I didn't buy it for the size. Actually, I did want a slightly larger saw than my previous, so I guess size did play a factor.

    I don't at all think the numbers are hard to read, compared to other table saws I have used. There is a magnifying lense that makes them ez to read. The magnifying lense makes it very ez to really dial in your numbers, and not to mention there is a dial for very fine adjustments. Furthermore I find the numbers to be very accurate in regards to placement with the blade, not something I can say for other saws I have used. My last saw I always double checked my cuts with a tape measure, I no longer do that so it sped up production, though I don't use it for any sort of production.

    I bought the saw as basically a shop saw that could be folded up and stored away in my shop, and transported if need be. On those grounds I am happy with the purchase.

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    • Thumb_steam_shower_2_(large)
      MAD RenovationsJune 03, 20115

      Bosch Table Saw

      Great portable saw!!

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      • Thumb_snidley
        WarnerConstInc.June 03, 20114

        Cooke is full of poo

        I will agree that it takes up some room laying down, not so much standing up strapped to the wall in the trailer.

        I never trust the scale on a portable TS, that is why I have a tape measure.

        Mine has been collecting dust since the 5hp PM66 moved into the shop.

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        • Thumb_small_f72c2528
          CookeCarpentryabout 9 years ago

          You're an idiot....hahah.

        • Thumb_small_avatar36627_1
          nEighterabout 9 years ago

          cookiecarpentry doesn't know his knee from his elbow :jester: I love mine.. he is a yella fanboi though.. you know those guys :D

      • Thumb_img_3828-1
        Premier_929June 06, 20115

        Love It!

        I've had a few portable table saws and this one is the best. It starts up nice and easy, and stops quickly. The fence is 100% accurate all the time, and it's got enough power to cut all types of wood. And for the stand, well it has to be the quickest tool I have to set up.

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        • Thumb_5bd29705
          TNTRenovateJune 09, 20115

          Great Saw!!!

          This saw is awesome. While I agree it is a bit bulky, I think the features out way any draw size back. I have had the saw for 6 months now and have no complaints.

          Great Fence!

          Easy Setup!

          Cuts like a champ!

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          • No-avatar-62
            Krashk2almost 9 years ago

            awesome saw
            I own the Bosch but had occasion to use the dewalt for a couple of weeks. Both are good but the Bosch definitely a better saw all round. The majority of my tools are DW but I love my Bosch contractor saw

        • No-avatar-62
          edson group incNovember 05, 20114

          Great job site saw

          Our crew uses this saw one site on almost every job. I do agree that the base does take up more space than I would like when laying flat, but once it's out of the truck and rolling to get setup it only take a few seconds. We have two in our shop and the only major issue I have had with one is that a bearing seized and had to go for repairs, it cost about $70 to get fixed and hasn't had any problems since.

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