Hitachi 1/2inch Standard Crown Stapler N5010A

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Hitachi 1/2inch Standard Crown Stapler N5010A

  • Usesstandard 1/2" crown staples from 3/4" - 2" in length
  • At 4.4lbs, exceptionally lightweight and well-balancedfor easy maneuverability and minimal user fatigue
  • Hitachi's next generation industrial design with ergonomic details and stainless steel platingto endure tough jobs
  • Cylinder valve firing mechanismprovides a quick response and powerful driving- up to 13 staples per second
  • Depth of drive controlfor flush drives into various materials
  • High capacity magazineholds 150 staples, allowing for fewer replenishments
  • Tool-less jam releasereduces down time
  • Open magazine designfor monitoring staple quantity and preventing blank drives
  • Long-lasting elastomer gripsurface for added comfort
  • Top load magazine for easy access and quick reloading

Specifications for Hitachi 1/2inch Standard Crown Stapler N5010A

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