Warehouse Floor Lines

October 18, 2017
Lancaster, PA
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PennCoat, Inc. is Epoxy Flooring Contractors, Commercial Painting Contractors, and Industrial Painting Contractors.  

And one service that we often provide are lines in warehouses.  Lines can help organize material being exported from the facility, as well as providing a safe zone for pedestrians.  When forklift operators see these bright yellow lines, they'll be more aware that there are pedestrians nearby, or that there is supposed to be product in the area.

But although this sounds like it would be an easy installation, the challenge is installing a product that will hold up against the constant forklift traffic.  

Traffic line paint is meant for asphalt.  Asphalt naturally has a nice profile, which makes it easy for traffic paint to stick.  But in newly built warehouses, the concrete is usually polished or sealed.  And a surface that smooth is very difficult to adhere to.  

So we install these lines using a polyamine epoxy.  This epoxy offers the best adhesion out of the entire epoxy family.  And it is also the most flexible, allowing it to handle forklift traffic and pallets much better than acrylic paint.

In addition to the epoxy, we also apply a clear coat of epoxy over the lines.  This clear coat also overlaps the edges, which helps protect the yellow line from all the wear and tear from fork lifts, tow motors, and other heavy duty equipment.  

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