TPO roof with pull down stair case and rebuilt parapet walls in Chicago

May 18, 2011
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In May 2011 on Maplewood Ave. in Chicago near the Wrigleyville neighborhood, we replaced the existing roof on a 2-flat residence.  This roof had 5 layers, well over the legal allowed limit of 2 layers. When the roof was torn off the ceiling was insulated with r30 of blown in Fiberglass insulation. The new roof that was installed was a fully adhered 60 mil TPO roof system with a 20-year system rating.  We installed a new commercial oversized box style gutter and installed a custom oversized roof hatch with pull down stair case.  As part of the project one chimney was rebuilt and the entire parapet walls were also rebuilt on this century old home.  847-729-3496

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  • Thumb_avatar
    bhockabout 9 years ago

    Looks good! I have been out of commercial roofing for about 10 years, but I sure did like JM products back then.
    Just out of curiosity though, when we used to do epdm roofs fully adhered systems were usually .045, what was the factoring for using the .060 for a FA?

  • Thumb_avatar25_1Author
    Grumpyabout 9 years ago

    System rating was the main factor in why to use 60 mil. 45 is easier to work with but a fully adhered 60 mil single ply is rated at 20 years while a 45 mil is rated at 15 years. Being a slightly thicker membrane it is more resistant to weathering.

    I promote 60 mil on all my single ply projects when ever the budget will allow.  On these residential flat roofs, from 1,200-2,000 square feet the upcharge is insignifigant. 

  • Thumb_avatar
    bhockabout 9 years ago


  • No-avatar-62
    22 Constitutionabout 9 years ago

    Good job, the roof hatch turned out great.

  • Thumb_avatar53125_1
    DaVinciRemodelabout 9 years ago

    Grumpy - I gotta tell ya - I have a hard time looking at a "project post" of a roof! But you got some good stuff going!

    Keep posting my friend - I'm learning!

  • Thumb_avatar25_1Author
    Grumpyabout 9 years ago

    In my opinion a roof is the most important part of a remodel or construction project. Sure it's nothing pretty to look at, not like granite counter tops or hard wood floors but without the roof that "bling" wouldn't be possible. The roof is perhaps the most under estimated and over looked part of a building.

  • Thumb_jw%20roofing
    JWRoofingabout 9 years ago

    Glad to see other people using TPO on homes. Oh and Grumpy you are spot on about a roof being an integral part of remodeling. I just wish more people would update the drive way at the end of the remodeling process and the roof closer to the beginning :)

  • Thumb_avatar25_1Author
    Grumpyabout 9 years ago

    Amen on that Brother Roofer. I can recall numerous jobs where I pulled up to a job site and saw a brand new drive way and just remember thinking WTF?! When I am meeting customers I mention how we intend to protect the drive way and if they say something about wanting to repalce it I say DO IT AFTER.

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