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October 20, 2014
Lancaster, PA
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In February 2014, PennCoat agreed to coat an industrial sized oven in Lancaster Pennsylvania.  The total surface area for the oven was 7,054 square feet.  This number is including all the turns, valleys, and edges of the steel.  The steel required some wire wheel preperation, but mostly solvent hand cleaning.  Then, the oven was to be coated with an industrial epoxy paint, and then top coated with an aliphatic urethane.  The aliphatic urethane helps reduce the epoxy's glare, and will protect the color of the epoxy from excessive lighting in the room.  We estimated the project to be completed in 206 hours.  

The biggest challenge with this project was the amount of detailing involved with the oven.  All the divots, turns, valleys, and edges created tedious work that required strict focus and attention to detail.  Another challenge was finding a product that could withstand the oven's high temperatures, but also be solvent free.  Because it is indoors, we had to find a water based epoxy that wouldn't emit noxious odors, and compromise the safety of the facility's employees.   

The overall project was completed under the 206 hours budget, and PennCoat created a successful business relationship with the customer, as we are now scheduled to complete other projects within their facility.  

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