Painting and Cleaning Industrial Equipment

July 28, 2017
Lancaster, PA
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There's more to industrial and commercial painting than just applying the paint.  One of the biggest challenges is finding the proper coating system to apply in each situation.  And when we were contacted by a 100 year old manufacturing facility with ancient equipment, covered in grease, we knew it would immediately be a challenge.  

The first step was to remove the heavy gunk.  And this gunk was caked on.  So we brought our 250-gallon power washer to the site.  But before we power washed, we hung containment around the equipment, to ensure the surrounding wasn't affected from over spray.

After some grueling days cleaning the equipment with hot water and industrial grade degreaser, the equipment reached an approriate level of cleanliness to accept a specialized coating.  But first, we needed to get a temperature reading on the surface, to ensure it was ready for the paint.  And it was.  

We went with 2 coats of a mastic urethane.  Urethane offers great chemical resistance, which means that the heave grease and coolant won't affect the finish.  Additionally, because it's a mastic, it'll offer superior adhesion than a typical urethane.    This system is our typical go-to system for equipment.  And it's worked very well for us for the past few years.  

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