Industrial Coatings Improve Asset Reliability

January 27, 2017
Lancaster, PA
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Commercial and Industrial Coatings improve Asset Reliability

Asset reliability is an introspective topic that occurs in nearly every facility.  From machinery to HVAC, to electrical, to plumbing, nearly every trade skill is required to maintain the function and performance of each facility's assets.  

And industrial and commercial coatings are no different.  

This manufacturing facility had a corroded ceiling with heavy grease build-up.  The previous operation had closed down, but a new operation was moving in.  The corrosion was due to butter vapor from the previous popcorn manufacturer.  But the new occupants needed a cleaner, and less corrosive ceiling application.  So we were called into to power wash the ceiling, and spray an industrial coating.  

Due to the excessive butter vapor, the ceilings required a hot water, detergent turbo tip power wash.  We used a product called EcoLab Enforcer LP.  This concentrated cleaner could be mixed with our water supply, and applied to the areas.  The heavy build areas required some dwelling.  

The PM for the project decided to use Sherwin Williams OptiBond.  For a steel/galvanized ceiling, it's important to apply a product that has rust inhibitors, especially when the ceiling is showing signs of corrosion.  Additionally, when dealing with bar joists, trusses, and other steel supports with angles, it's important to use a coating with edge retention.  The edges is a weak point for most coatings.  So you'll want to find a product that can cling to the edges well.  And most alkyd paints don't build up very well due to their self-leveling properties.  

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