Highland park Residential Roof

April 28, 2011
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In 2010 we were contracted to replace a very badly leaking flat roof on an upscale contemporary house on tennyson Lane in Highland Park, IL. This was a great project for us, because of the complexity that the house had to offer to test our skills, but also because the customer really wanted the roof done right with premium materials.  I find this kind of customer to be our best.

The scope of work was to remove the existing roof. On the flat sections, about 8,000 square feet, we replaced several engineered framing I Joists which had become rotted from the ongoing roof leakage.  In addition much of the 3/4" CDX plywood was replaced, not only because we needed to remove the plywood to expose the joists but also because the previous roof was improperly vented causing mold growth and rott from humidity and condensation.

We then installed a coverboard insulation to seperate the new roof membrane from the plywood beneath. This cover board was installled strictly using low rise foam adhesive. The reason for the foam adhesive, though it costs more than screws, was because the customer intends to convert the large areas of the roof into a roof deck in the future. (Read more about roof decks: Chicago Roof Decks - What you need to know )

Then we installed a Versico VersiFlex fully adhered 80 mil white PVC membrane. This is a 20 year rated roofing system. The white membrane is highly reflective which aids in cooling the structure. Also numerous two-way breather vents were installed to allow hot moist air that migrates past the ceiling to exhaust thus preventing the moldy conditions which were previously present in the roof.

In addition to the low slope areas of the roof, there were also areas of cedar sloped roofing, approximately 3,000 square feet. We removed all the cedar and installed a new CertainTeed Solaris Lifetime solar reflective shingle.  Most of the plywood substrate was good, because the roof was properly ventilated on the sloped portions.

We installed CertainTeed Winterguard ice shield at the gutter lines at all flashing areas, and covered the remaining areas of the sloped roof with CertainTeed roof select fiberglass felt paper.  Then the shingles, flashings, etc...  Because the SOlaris shingle is solar reflective, the customer was elegible to receive up to $1,500 in energy star tax credits on his 2010 federal tax return. 

Learn more about premium Chicago roofing systems at: www.reliableamerican.us

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