Glenview Free Church - Shingle roof in Glenview

April 28, 2011
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When contacted by the board of the Glenview Free Church in Glenview, IL. I was very excited about this project. This building was only minutes away from our office and was an exceptional project for us to show off our skills. It was a large steep roof of over 200,000 square feet.  We installed certainTeed Landmark Architectural shingles with all copper flashings, and I must say it turned out NICE!

The first step was to strip the existing roof down to the wood substrate. There was some rotten OSB decking over the gymnasium, which was repaired.  We then installed ice shield and 30# organic felt paper and installed the CertainTeed Landmark shingles.  We repalced the roof to wall flashings with 16oz. coppr and soil pipe flashing with lead.

This was a premium roof system by the very definition. Our best customer is the kind of customer that wants the roof done right and is willing to pay for a job well done. I was one of 5 bidders. There were cheaper and more expensive but we were awarded the job because we gave the best and most detailed proposal and longest lasting warranty. 847-729-3496

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  • Thumb_avatar25_1Author
    Grumpyover 9 years ago

    How do you like that shingle vacination they were running while we were roofing? LOL I found it very ironic which is why I took the picture.

  • Thumb_ct_hhat
    Nathanover 9 years ago

    For a second I was trying to figure out if that was one of your clever marketing ideas LOL

  • Thumb_avatar25_1Author
    Grumpyover 9 years ago

     I'm not that smart, but with my wife finishing her masters going for her nurse practitioners license... LOL she will legally be able to give such vacinations. Maybe I can run a sale...

    Get Free shingle vacination with every new shingle roof!

  • Thumb_copy%20of%20pict0154
    force8over 9 years ago

    If I was you, I'd steal it and hang it as your site sign. BTW, if you ever wanna come down south, you won't go hungry with jobs like that one. Nice.

  • Thumb_avatar25_1Author
    Grumpyover 9 years ago

    I suppose if I want to make churches my niche, the bible belt would be the place to be. I will be in AR near the Ozarks, in June on pleasure, not business.

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