Glenview Commercial Roof

April 28, 2011
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This was a small 5,000 square foot commercial roofing project in Glenview, IL. This projct consisted of repalceing the entire roof, gutter and accesories. This project took approximately 2 1/2 days and was a great project for us because it was right down the street from our Glenview office and was an EZ in and out TPO roof job.

The roofing project consisted of removal of the existing 3/8 pea gravel, which good for us wasn't properly installed in the first place. We half-filled nearly 3 20 yard dumpsters which were sent off to the recycler to be cleaned and reused elsewhere.

We then stripped the roof down to the metal substrate, working in sections to minimize the exposure to the elements. The metal roof deck was in fairly good condition. There was some minor rust, which we primed, but didn't require any metal deck replacement.

We then installed 1 1/2" Polyisocyanurate insulation which has an R value of abotu 9. This is about triple the R value of the Fesco insulation we removed.  The insulation sheets were mechanically attached to the metal roof deck.

Then we installed a mechanically attached 60 mil TPO roof system, complete with all premolded TPO accessories. This roof system is rated to last 20 years.  All accessories including heavy duty 24 gauge galvanized steel gravel stops and new custom galvanized steel box gutter were also installed.

If all jobs went this EZ, I'd have died and went to heaven! 847-729-3496

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