Foundation Repair Using Carbon Fiber Straps

January 04, 2012
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Just completed Structural Foundation repair using Carbon Fiber Straps. After strong rains, Hydrostatic pressure pushed the wall 1" inward causing a structural crack along perimeter of entire foundation wall on two adjoining walls. Carbon Fiber repair was suggested by an architect and being certified installer, I completed the repair.

Carbon Fiber straps  installed 4' OC and prior to installation and as you can see, the block must be plained using special concrete dustless grinder to prepare surface for the Epoxy. After Epoxy is applied, the straps are installed to stabilize foundation wall and prevent further lateral foundation movement. . The open joints are filled with hydro cement to prevent foundation wall from move outward during cold climate.

Strap is 4 1/8"W x 1/8"Thick can be easily installed behind most most plumbing pipes or electrical components without removing or re-routing them. The wall can be painted or finished by applying cement parging. This is the most advanced structural repair, without using extreme invasive  methods of repair,i.e steel beams, excavation, etc. The Carbon Fiber strap can withstand Hydrostatic pressure 10 times more then the steel beams embedded in concrete to support foundation wall.

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