Extreme Birdhouses

January 28, 2012
Belgrave ont.
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Hi everyone . Here are a few pics of my newest Extreme Birdhouse . This house is made from 90 % barn wood 10 % cedar . It is 5 1/2 ft wide 4 ft high 44" deep .
The railings are 5/4" solid steel . There are 32 rooms all together .

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  • Thumb_1%20(10)
    PrestigeR&Dabout 8 years ago

    Very nice work John - thumbs up! :)


  • Thumb_fbb463f4
    Stunt Carpenterabout 8 years ago

    Wow thats crazy.

    Do you make them to sell or just for your personal yard

  • Thumb_avatar3926_1Author
    cranbrook2about 8 years ago

    Thanks guys ! I started out making them for my yard but once everyone started to notice them that didn,t last long .:-) I have made over 250 of them now in the past 6 years . This house is a freebee i did for my cousin and his family . I also started selling plans for a few smaller easy ones on my website .

  • Thumb_avatar2496_1
    6stringmasonabout 8 years ago

    That is nuts! Great work!

  • Thumb_avatar3926_1Author
    cranbrook2about 8 years ago

    Thanks 6string !

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