Exterior Painting project in Merritt Island, Florida

June 07, 2014
Melbourne Beach,Florida
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On this Merritt Island exterior repaint project there were several stucco cracks and a couple small stucco repairs that need to be done before the painting process can begin.
After digging out 4″ to 6″ around the perimeter and pressure washing all of the exterior surfaces of this Merritt Island home we repaired all of the damaged stucco from the back patio screen room being removed and all of the staircase stucco cracks. We cover and protected plants, sidewalks, windows, pavers and any exterior lighting fixtures. Then apply a tinted acrylic multi-surface conditioner to ensure good adhesion the chalky surface, caulked all of the windows and applied two coats of Richards Signature Series Satin Exterior Paint.
We also used the airless to spray paint the garage doors for a fresh new factory finish.

To see more details about this Merritt Island exterior painting project: 

This Project submitted by: Paul | Peck Drywall and Painting | 321-777-9337 | My Website

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