Designer White Kitchen

April 22, 2011
Portland, Maine
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I've held off on posting this because I have had a really, really tight timeline on this project. To say the least, I have worked like a dog...something I do not wish to do over any time soon. I started this 2½ weeks ago. 

Now, as much as I hated the mega time consumption of my life, it forced me to try some different production ideas. Some worked, some didn't. The ones that did though is what I focus on and tell myself that it is going to only help me in future situations. I just had to let some things slide, which killed me, but it still came out really nice. 

I definitely recommend putting yourself into this situation every once in awhile to force your hand at changing your ways. There's always a better mousetrap design.

Now, still being a n00b at some things, I really got a valuable lesson on this job. It has cost me dearly, but I now pay very close attention to the details. The previous 3 custom kitchens I did I would consider standard, run of the mill, nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary. This job, while there is nothing too elaborate, had (compared to the last 3) an unusual amount of drawers. 

I paid no attention....I will now.

33 drawers. Dovetailed. Hard Maple. That hurt the bank account, I will confess. 

I tried going the "let someone else make the drawers" route. $3300 Yes, I know that I can find another place. Just poor planning on my end and a reluctance to let some things go. Money was tight on this job too. I'm learning though. Every day, got to adjust and learn my lesson. 

I do admit, I am enjoying it alot. I can see an endless amount of money going towards tool and equipment upgrades   

So, onto the kitchen. This was a referral, which is almost all of my work. The builder I did the Cherry kitchen for last referred me to them, they live two houses down from the Cherry job. A unique client for sure. He made it clear, time was an issue. Did the best I could without cutting off body parts.

Color is Designer White from ML Campbell. Almost a complete, bright white. Natural Cherry for the island (still digging the natural Cherry look). They were re-using the granite. One of those "Just want to life the granite off and put it right back in the same place"....uh huh. Floor and ceiling sloped 1". Really ****ed up the crown. Had a few gigantic lumps in the ceiling. The crown was difficult to deal with.

This was delivery day. Doors, drawers and moulding were still at the finishers shop.

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