Custom french doors

June 16, 2011
Bradford PA
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An addition we did last year, HO wanted the opening as big as possible. Fastforward a year and she decides she wants doors on it. Glad we left an 84"h 80"w opening. Built these in our shop because couldnt find anyone that could supply them in a timely fashion. And that is all the room we had to work in to. Made things a bit difficult.

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  • Thumb_photo%20feb%2018%2c%207%2047%2023%20pm
    Joe thehandymanover 8 years ago

    Doesn't French door imply glass in a framed door

  • Thumb_004%20(3)Author
    jkfox624over 8 years ago

    Hell if i know, you can buy a refrigerator with french doors that has no glass. Thats what most people around here refers to them as. Does it really even matter?

  • Thumb_kc-remodeling
    kcremodelingover 8 years ago

    I have always identified French doors as two doors in a single jamb. Nice work. I would love to have the shop space to create something like this.

  • Thumb_crayon
    secondhandsamabout 8 years ago

    i believe french doors are refered to doors that are made in france, or owned by the frenches,, just saying

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