Curved Stairs

March 31, 2011
NE Ohio
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First set of curved stairs built back in 2006. I have a few other pics to add, but just reformatted computer and will have to wait til I find them

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  • Thumb_avatar75786_1
    Reliablerenalmost 9 years ago

    Nice!! It's hard enough just doing em straight sometimes. Good work.

  • Thumb_914b53e3
    Metro M & Lalmost 9 years ago

    Have any insight on doing the math for that?

  • No-avatar-62
    Kmurdockalmost 9 years ago

    That is nice! How about a brief explanation on how you did that?

  • Thumb_swanson%20meat%20face
    TIGHTER MITERover 8 years ago

    We dont build 'em around here- we let the "stair Guy" take care of tough stuff like that- nice work!

  • Thumb_cae1c799
    Dirtywhiteboyover 8 years ago

    Very nice work! Is that right side free standing? I love that kind of stuff!

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