Commercial Painting Project in Lancaster, PA

January 30, 2015
Lancaster, PA
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We were contacted by a local university regarding the atrium that housed their stairwell unit.  The atrium's current coat on the tubing, stairwell, and hand rail pickets were beginning to fade.  Also, the maintenance director expressed his displessure of how visible the dirt and hand prints were on the current color.  So he requested that we also help select a better color that would conceal dirt and hand grease, while maintaining the overall aesthetics of the atrium.

The biggest challenge was access to all of the tubing, columns, and duct.  It was too inaccessable for a lift.  The stairs were taking up too much air space, and it was too dangerous to consider a ladder.  So we contacted our local scaffolding provider, and they were able to construct scaffolding through the entire atrium.  

We selected a low lustre, alkyd enamel coating for the all the steel tubing, duct, and hand rail pickets.  There was an estimated 8200 square feet of surface area.  But due to the difficult access and uneven surfaces, we estimated a lot of hours to complete the job.  

Overall, the customer was thoroughly satisfied, and was pleased the new appearence of the atrium.  

PennCoat, Inc
Industrial Painting, Commercial Painting, & Epoxy Flooring

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