Bathroom Renovation: Gorgeous Grey

August 08, 2017
2500 Hampshire Gate, Oakville, ON L6H 6A2
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This particular project will give you all the inspiration you need to transform your ordinary looking shower into a space you’d love. The bath looked very outdated and nothing really stood out. The old toilet and bathtub made this particular place a great candidate for a fabulous makeover.


You never go wrong with gray in bathroom renovation. We did not even have to change the layout so the owner was able to cut down on the cost of plumbing work. We ditched the dull walls for a beautifully painted gray wall that blends perfectly with the other elements. The choice of mirrors and countertop delivered the most effect – space-wise.


The previous design had some cabinets below the sink. But we knew the homeowner could do with a better cabinetry design and additional storage area. That’s why we installed beautiful cabinets and drawers with hardware that complements the rest of the shower space. We got rid of the oval-shaped sinks and went for the square shaped sinks which added style and glamor to the place.


Who doesn’t want a bathroom that is full of personality? This homeowner was certainly aimed at getting one. We did some major cosmetic updates that completely transformed the place. One change: the freestanding bathtub that takes advantage of the spacious shower and gives more freedom of movement. The freestanding bathtub added a special classical appeal to the entire space.


One of the first things you’ll notice when you step into a bath is the shower. We knew this bathroom had so much potential especially when it comes to the shower enclosure. We made sure the remodeled place had a unique style of shower enclosure to blend with the rest of the room.

The sliding glass shower was a perfect choice here. Not only was it a practical space saving option but also a stylish addition that the client really loved. The glass door was customized to fit the style while allowing adequate room for other fixtures. More importantly, the glass shower enclosure gave the place an airy look at a reasonable cost.


Every component we selected for this space was intended to add glamor and style while making it a little heaven for the homeowner. We replaced the existing showerhead with a rain showerhead. This particular showerhead is designed to dispense the same amount of water as the typical shower heads the only difference is that the large and flat design reduces the amount of water pressure that hits your body. These homeowners were certainly looking forward to shower time after the remodel.

We hope this renovation project has inspired you to get started on your shower room makeover journey with us. No need to have a plain bath with no character or personality. We can transform it regardless of the size and current appearance.


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