An Arch is Born

April 29, 2011
Melbourne Beach,Florida
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We are installing/finishing drywalli and applying a knockdown texture to this oceanfront home in Indialantic, Florida. The homeowner's requested us to build them an arched opening with bullnose corners between thier living room and kitchen. Let me know what you think.


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  • Thumb_914b53e3
    Metro M & Lover 8 years ago

    Would have liked to see the framing, that's the interesting part. Arch looks great!

  • No-avatar-62
    22 Constitutionover 8 years ago

    Looks nice.

  • Thumb_091210fs1r7_tilingsolutions_tshirt_final2
    TileLadyover 8 years ago

    Very nice!

  • No-avatar-62
    rafterratover 8 years ago

    Would have liked to see the framing, that's the interesting part. Arch looks great!

    Yea, the framing is whats really cool. the arch looks great.

  • Thumb_vaulted-ceiling-repair-wave_046Author
    Sir Mixalotover 8 years ago

    Thanks guy's. I added a photo of the framing (I have more but you can only have 8 photos of projects). I pretty much add the framing after I have the two radius's cut and installed (see photo).


  • No-avatar-62
    Kmurdockover 8 years ago

    Looks great. what did you use for the 3 1/2" part of the arch, I've heard of wetting sheet rock, bending it a little at a time. I've also heard of using 1/8" masonite. What do you suggest?

  • Thumb_914b53e3
    Metro M & Lover 8 years ago

    Thanks Paul, I never would have thought to do it in that order but it makes a lot more sense.

  • Thumb_blueboard
    bostonplasterabout 8 years ago

    nice work,, i can see that u guys are good with Drywall hanging,, Congrants

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