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    shake up!!!Posted new reply in Masonry12/26/2008, 7:21 AM

    Sorry about delay someone put a holiday in there. No pics at this time. Its a lime base. Is thorolastic a proper product for this, or is it better on newer cements. Again thanks...

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    shake up!!!Posted new reply in Masonry12/23/2008, 8:02 PM

    Patching needs done in areas of about 10 to15 sqft in a area of 100 sqft all over the building .The patching will be done and to make it uniform all over the coating is to be ap...

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  • No-avatar-62
    shake up!!! Created new thread in Masonry12/23/2008, 4:13 PM

    Looked at 100+ yearold stucco over stone and in some places brick. They want spot patching over the bad areas, not to destory historical areas. And some sort of coating over the...

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