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  • No-avatar-62
    Ohio Paintersover 9 years ago

    Please change my user name from "Fresh Coat" to "KLaw". I am no longer associated with Fresh Coat Painters. Thanks.

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  • No-avatar-62
    Luanne Vinylover 9 years ago

    Can you change my user name from "Luanne Vinyl" to "Siding Queen"? I've only been on one thread. Sorry to have to ask, but I wasn't thinking when I joined up yesterday. Thanks!

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  • No-avatar-62
    SlumberJackalmost 9 years ago

    Great site Nathan...I've had an account for a while but was never really active until recently... hoping to get some more NY locals involve soon!

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  • No-avatar-62
    Tashleralmost 8 years ago

    I was looking at another member's profile and saw a post I wanted to read. Tried to open it but was told that I don't have access.

    Ended up being the Politics and Religion folder. I can't even find that anywhere.

    What other things are there that are off limits and what does one have to do to get access?

    Thank you.

    Glenn Moore
    Tashler Services

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  • Thumb_img_20130210_155429_369
    sawzall kingover 7 years ago

    Having problems commenting or posting, could you explain why? Is it on my end?

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