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  • Thumb_muscleman%20staring%20me%20downAuthor
    MakeItEz2GetPdover 8 years ago

    Everything is going great right now in my life and in my business. And I plan to maintain it as long as possible. I'm still going to help people as much as I can but I will not engage with people who live their lives with such a negative perspective about everything. I have nothing to gain or prove to anyone by trying to convince a negative minded loser that he is his own worst enemy or trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone who behaves like a 2 year old.

    I am always available to talk shop or if someone wants to pick my brain or talk about implementing systems into their business or anything for that matter.


    Winners always find a way to get something done,...
    Losers always find an excuse for why it's not done

    Winners brighten a room by entering,...
    Losers brighten a room by leaving

    Winners look for the positive meanings in everything,...
    Losers look for the negative meanings in everything,...


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