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  • Thumb_avatar1470_1
    747 Created new thread in HVAC1/19/2011, 10:59 PM

    Have any of you guys used these couplers in place of a b&g 118705. I'm seriously thinking about putting one on my 100 series pump. Reviews please.:clap:

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  • Thumb_avatar1470_1
    747Posted new reply in Remodeling3/6/2010, 3:54 AM

    Quartz or the fairly new recycled glass countertops are sharp. However those might not be available everywhere. Finally solid surface isn't a bad look.

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  • Thumb_avatar1470_1
    747Posted new reply in HVAC3/6/2010, 3:27 AM

    There has to be a way to bleed that system somewhere on the baseboard. It usually requires a skate key.Also boiler must be off when bleeding the system. I have bleeds on all my ...

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