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Ridgid 6 Gallon Vacuum Cleaner HD06001

I was given this vacuum to do an evaluation of it. The RIdgid 6 Gallon Vacuum is one of their smaller vacuums. I believe they have a 4 gal vacuum which is even smaller in size than the 6 gal, and a few larger ones.The vacuum came in a box and needed some assembly. I was able to assemble the vacuum without using the instructions, although I did look through them afterwards to make sure I didn't miss anything. Assembly was straight forward and relatively simple. Insert the casters on the bottom of the vacuum and use two screws to install the handle. The various hose parts fit into areas on the wheels which have openings that will fit each tool. The cord can wrap around the head of the machine on the handle because of tabs provided that keep the cord stable. Like all vacuum cords it has an end that can snap around the wire to keep it put.FIrst thing I noticed when I turned it on was that it was quieter than I had expected from a shop vac. I'm use to dust extractors that are very quiet and this vacuum didn't scream like a typical shop vac does. It's nice that they've thought of keeping the noise levels down.I used a decibel meter app on my phone to compare the Ridgid to a Fein Turbo II vacuum (much more expensive). I placed each vacuum 1 meter away from the decibel meter and put the vacuum hose on each. I kept the opening of the hose in the front of the machine.The Ridgid measured 69 dB and the Fein measured 54 dB. It's a pretty big difference if you are going to be working in someones home with them around. But if you are in your shop or garage 69dB isn't that loud. You will have to raise your voice a bit if you are near it to talk to someone.I've used the vacuum for several tasks. Hooked it up to a router table. The vacuum performed nicely, evacuated almost all the chips, some did escape to the table surface, but even my shop dust collector will let some escape.Used it to vacuum the rug in my office which is badly soiled with sawdust. If you let the vacuum go over the rug quickly the pickup isn't great. If you let the vacuum latch onto the carpet it removes a lot of the dust but makes it dificult to move the attachments back and forth.I also put down a large pile of sawdust. It didn't pick this up as fast as I expected it to. The 1 1/2" hose limits how much can be picked up at once. Although it took longer to do, the pickup was complete.The vacuum doesn't move a great amount of air but it does have a high suction when you close off the hose end. An example is when I was vacuuming the rug how it would grab onto the rug and prevent me from moving the attachments easy. I suspect this would benefit the wet aspect of vacuuming which I didn't test out. I have used other vacuums this way to evacuate a toilet of water in the bowl and the holding tank so it could be moved without getting water on the floor of a clients home.The vacuum is fairly compact although it's shape is a bit odd. It rolls on the 4 casters very well on my shop's concrete floor. Followed me around like a puppy dog when I moved. The cord is not exactly long, 10'. I suppose it's not short, but 15-18' would be a nice length for the cord. The hose for the vacuum is 7' and it has 2 rigid section that are about 40" when combined which give you good reach and it's comfortable to use.It's a nice vacuum, pretty small so you can transport it easy. Adaquate suction for most jobs, has a high head pressure so it won't clog easily. It rolls well on concrete and is faily quiet. Over all a good vacuum for medium use.
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